Mega Man

Help Spread the Word to make Lego MegaMan happen!

The faster a project reaches 10k supporters, the more seriously it is taken by the community.

How can I help?
- Tell every MegaMan fan you know
- Post in relevant forums
- Send "Tip" emails to relevant gaming sites, such as: Joystiq and Kotaku
- Tweet your followers and send direct tweets to gaming personalities
- Use Reddit as intended and responsibly

This project is based on the classic old school Nintendo® NES game MegaMan (RockMan in Japan). This game, made by Capcom, has great nostalgic value and deserves a tribute in LEGO®! The designs are based on my favorite of the series: MegaMan 2.

Story: Evil Dr. Wily builds a fortress and army of robotic henchmen, led by eight Robot Masters of his design. Mega Man is sent by his creator, Dr. Light, to defeat Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters.


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